Hello, my name is Bamby Gassama

I’m a Berlin-based
UX Designer with a background in Web Development, Business Intelligence and Marketing.

What I Believe In

“Once you experience the solution, you can't imagine how you ever lived without it. This is not the kind of entrepreneurial question you can ask or expect an answer to in a focus group. Customers often don't know what they want ...”
Eric Ries - The Lean Startup

Selected Work

I have recently enjoyed working on several projects, here is a selection!

German Health Insurance
Landing Page Design & CRO
Newcomers Berlin
UX/UI Design

What People Say

Bamby redesigned my website using Wordpress. She is fast, smart and very creative. I really enjoyed working with her and can fully recommend her.

Tanja Queckenstedt | Business Coach

I have known Bamby as a very dedicated, motivated and professional colleague, who became an expert swiftly and effortlessly in any field she takes on.

Malte Bunjes | Senior Marketing Manager

I worked with Bamby for two years, and from day one, she shined for her professionalism, quality of work, proposals and results. Besides being a very intelligent person and focused on her work, Bamby can see things 'outside the box' proactively and in a practical way. Bamby is exceptional and has been a pleasure to work with her.

Pedro Cruz | Senior Marketing Manager